Dave & Denise Hamner

Dave and Denise Hamner are internationally known for their amazing magic and illusions. The Hamners have been featured World wide in countless production shows. In the USA the Hamners are noted performers in Las Vegas, Disneyland and Hollywood's famous "Magic Castle" and, of course, Branson, Missouri where the Hamners own and operate the Hamner Variety Theater. They have appeared on NBC TV's World's Greatest Magic and on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.


Multiple award winning performances have earned them awards including honor by none other than Siegfried & Roy with the Bronze Lion Head Award for Performance Excellence, twice awarded the coveted International Merlin of Magic Award for illusion and performance excellence, multiple annual awards for Magic Show of the Year, Producers of the Year and their most precious, Humanitarian of the Year.


A California native, Dave is a graduate seminarian who is an ordained Baptist pastor who teaches and preaches weekly at the Branson Gospel Sunday service at the Hamner Variety Theater.


The Hamners are a team both on stage and off as they share full responsibilities of theater management, show production and a very busy ministry schedule as well.

Tamra Tinoco

Tamra Tinoco is as talented as she is beautiful. Tamra is an integral part of the Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show and shares the musical portions of the show with Jeff Brandt (below). Tamra not only maintains a full schedule with the Unbelievable Show but shares the stage with her husband Joe and daughter Tayla as they produce the Tinoco's Magnificent Seven Variety Show, also at the Hamner Variety Theater.


Tamra has been singing all of her life, getting her start as a leading Miss Missouri contestant. She has appeared with such leading artists as Vince Gill, Lee Greenwood, John Davidson, The Osmonds and Ferlin Huskey. Tamra was a guest of Porter Waggoner on the Grand Ole Opry.


When she's not busy arranging and pe4rforming in two shows at Hamners' and raising their beautiful daughter, Tayla, Tamra and husband Joe own and operate TNT Old Time Photos and Artists In Motion Dance Studios, both also in Branson.


A very busy, extremely talented lady!

Jeff Brandt

Jeff Brandt is also an integral part of the Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show and shares the musical portions of the show with Tamra Tinoco (and others). Jeff is another World class talent who we are honored to feature on the program.


Jeff is originally from central Iowa where he got his start early on by forming the rock and roll group, Galaxy and toured with Galaxy which was ultimately voted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. From Iowa, Jeff was led to Las Vegas where he was quickly recognized by Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton and spent 13 years opening for Wayne and performing in his show nightly. He earned the moniker 'The Voice' during his tenure in Las Vegas and that still applies today!


Jeff has had two appearances on the Tonight Show, a featured spot on the TV show, 'Las Vegas', two feature film appearances in the movies "Vegas Vacation" and "Smoking Aces" and has also performed at the White House in Washington, DC.


Jeff has been honored with multiple awards as Male Vocalist of the Year and Impressionist of the Year. Jeff is married to wife Gina and together, when not wowing the crowds in Branson, they operate the Brandt Family Farm, a wedding and event venue in Branson.

AJ Heard

AJ Heard is our professional staff choreographer and a dancer in the show. AJ also shares some singing spots with Tamra & Jeff as well.


A Canadian at heart, AJ grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she started with dance and skating lessons at the tender age of three. By the age of 14 she was training with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. At 17 she moved from home and began a professional program at  the prestigious Randolph Dance Theater in Toronto. While in Toronto, she performed in countless music videos, trade shows, commercials and a few Canadian produced feature films.


AJ was spotted by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and hired as a lead dancer in their multimillion dollar at sea variety productions.


She met her husband, Bucky (the Righteous Brothers) at sea. AJ's first love is dance and choreography. She has planned and trained choreography for Pam Tillis, Neal McCoy, Les Brown and many, many others. AJ and husband Bucky co produced the Branson show, Rock U Mentally LIVE.

'Downtown' Kenny Brown

'Downtown' Kenny Brown shares co-chorepgraphy responsibilities for the Hamner Variety Theater and is a featured and key performer in the Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show.


Kenny, originally from Little Rock, Arkansas has worked with the Hamners for over 20 years and appeared with the Hamners in Jimmy Osmond's American Jukebox production. Kenny is a comic and dance master and is at the heart of the Unbelievable Show.


Fast friends with the Hamners, Kenny welcomes all and is a proven major talent in his field. We're honored to have Kenny Brown as a part of the Hamner family of performers.

Mariya Serykh

Mariya Serykh is our featured aerialist. Beautiful? Yes. Young? Yes. But that doesn't mean she's inexperienced! Mariya's first appearance on stage was at the age of 4 with her performing parents on the Branson Showboat Branson Belle but that was just the start. Mariya has performed on countless productions and venues nationwide ever since. She is a natural in acrobatics but truly shines as a dancer in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Jazz dance.


Mariya's mother was a dance instructor and her father performed with her at the Hamner Variety Theater until his recent, untimely passing.


A determined competitive dancer, Mariya used her enormous athletic ability to learn to literally soar through the air as an aerialist and to be flipped upside down in sport acrobatics, both feats she so adeptly exhibits in the Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show as she applies her talent and knowledge to aerial silk dance. You won't want to miss this amazing young lady.


Mariya has been honored as a National and as a World Champion in dance.

Anthony Soumiatin

Anthony Soumiatin is another of our world class performers. Also beginning his performing career at the age of four, Anthony cultivated and polished amazing skills on the Unicyle and the awe inspiring Cyr Wheel.


Anthony is the USA National Unicycling Champion and was recently award "Best Young Artist honors. Most recently he was inducted into "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" for his tremendous unicycling abilities.


Anthony has previously appeared with Cirque Montage, the Moscow Circus and Loving Every Minute. We are honored to have Anthony join us as part of the roster of amazing, unbelievable talent at Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show.

Cassi Koenig

Cassi Koenig is our beautiful magicians assistant  AND a vocalist in the Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show as well.


Cassi is from St. Louis where she grew up in a large family with her 8 siblings. A key performer and assistant to Dave Hamner both on stage and off, Cassi has proven herself to be a multi talented artist and performer.


Cassi is a part of many of the on stage routines throughout the show and we know you'll enjoy watching and hearing her perform.

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